The dark times of our souls - Psalm 42

PSALMS MICROFILMS 42 - drops on April 12, 2022

Friday Apr 08, 2022
The fourth installment in the PSALMS MICROFILMS series is Wesley Magee-Saxton taking us deep into the dry and dark times of our souls with Psalm 42. 
Despite the feelings of emptiness and lostness, this psalm cries out to God and remembers his goodness and faithfulness. Wesley reminds himself and us to trust in God regardless of the circumstance.
PSALMS MICROFILMS 42 will premiere on YouTube and Facebook on April 12, 2022. 
JHCA is proud to be releasing this latest project, PSALMS MICROFILMS, with a new microfilm dropping every three weeks. The idea and heart behind this new project is to enflesh the Scripture inviting you to engage with each film through your personal lived experience. 
Each film has been crafted to be bite-sized and manageable for these often-frenetic days. We have been calling these films “selah moments” which invite pause for heart engagement and reflection with ourselves and the Eternal.
Each microfilm is shot in a location that deeply resonates with the performer as they authentically engage with a Psalm that best reflects where they are in their life journey.  They are an expression of the soul and invitation for connection.
We’re so excited to have this first 7 film cycle fully funded. Our goal is to film 21 Psalms, with 21 performers in 21 locations.
 If these films impact you and you’d like to help us make more, we encourage you to pay-it-forward by donating through our website. Any donation in Canada over $25 will receive a tax receipt.
We’re excited for these films to be going out into the world, and we’re excited to hear how they impact you and your community.
CLICK HERE for the text of this video from Psalm 42.  

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