2020. Year in Review

Well... it's been quite the year - time for Examen

Monday Dec 28, 2020

In this strange and most challenging year, it is remarkable to experience the reality C.S. Lewis poured into the Chronicles of Narnia that indeed “Aslan was on the move!”

Twice a year we have built examen or spiritual reflection into our Jason Hildebrand Creative Arts calendar. September finds us preparing our AGM Report and December our Year in Review. We have come to treasure these moments as we steep ourselves in all the places the Trinity has brought blessing, encouragement and challenge; and all the spaces where those we serve have been blessed. Out of these moments we find correction, direction, and hope for the season to come. 


2020 roared in with our busiest spring in five years! We thought we knew where we were going, only to find all our contracts cancelled or postponed indefinitely with the onset of the pandemic.


Our first Artist Retreat, co-hosted with Fire Exit Theatre became our first postponed Artist Retreat. We also cancelled our in-person Annual JHCA Staff Retreat and meetings. By the end of March, a Covid-19 hurricane had come through and completely erased our 2020 calendar and our livelihood. The world was shaken.


However, in the midst of it all we have found significant blessing: 

-       New website launch. Through considerable effort and generous patronage, we have completed our new site. While there is always room to tweak this or that, we are thrilled about how it looks and functions. Check it out – www.jasonhildebrand.com.

-       JHCA Toronto Studio. We have been working on finding a studio space for some time. But, as you can imagine, it is no easy task in downtown Toronto. Well, we now have one, and it has enabled us to keep performing – online! We are also keen to use it to develop new work in 2021.

-       CERB. We are so very grateful for the generosity of our Canadian government. It allowed our team to stay above water during the first six months of the pandemic.

-       Grants – Solicited and Unsolicited! This past year the company was sustained through the generosity of many donors, and we are so grateful. In addition, this was the first year in our company history where we received a large unsolicited performance grant. We will continue to draw from it to bring live in-person and online performances in the coming months, as we have in November and December.

-       Increased Social Media Presence. It's been our desire to launch a number of online resources. This spring the pandemic catapulted us into just that! This season we are excited to continue our Connect with Scripture and Unlock the Story online offerings!


Many thanks for your continued support and encouragement – you’ve liked our posts, watched our Facebook videos, liked Connect with Scripture, came to Christmas Hush shows, prayed for us, donated, cheered us on, and shared notes of how our shows have blessed you. All your support has kept us going.


We are excited to watch 2021 unfold together.


Many blessings,

JHCA staff

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Stay in the loop on our latest news.