Lost Fool

Time to Share Our New Show Description!

Sunday Mar 24, 2019
It's finally here!  Jason's thesis show is complete and ready for YesFest this April.  We're excited to share the full show description here first.  If you have any questions or want to hear more about this amazing show please email us at [email protected]

Set in his son’s hospital room on the verge of a life-threatening operation, a father wrestles with questions of mortality, ancestry, and brokenness. Is confession good for the soul? 

In Jason Hildebrand’s new multi-media solo exploration,Lost Fool, fragments of mythical, historical and personal stories are woven together in a theatrical mosaic. 

Where do we find our common humanity? How do we connect with the Divine? What are the questions we all ask ourselves? Lost Fool is an attempt to find an anchor in the storms of life asking, “if you had one hour to live what would you say to your soul?” 

The work is an excavation of faith and humanity with Hildebrand wrestling with his Mennonite heritage. Rooted in the 7th Century Eastern Orthodox tradition of the Holy Fool, this offering asks what it means to be lost while yearning for connection to the Divine.

The production utilizes three white hospital privacy screens. Onto these surfaces, with the use of three short-throw projectors, video images reveal the emotional landscape of what is being shown on stage. A powerful soundscape enhances the moving pictures.


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