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Our mission and vision  

Unlocking mind, body & spirit through unveiled story. 

We are a catalyst for transformative stories experienced through significant performance and consultation.

Meet the team

Creative Principle

Jason Hildebrand

Part storyteller, part creative catalyst — Jason leads the team at Jason Hildebrand Creative Arts where he serves as a performer, communication and storytelling coach, theatre and film producer, and writer. For close to 25 years, Jason has partnered with faith-based organizations, film and theatre companies, and educational institutions as an artist/coach around the world. He recently completed a Master of Fine Arts in Performance Creation from York University in Toronto. Jason is most recognized for his acclaimed solo and duo theatre performances and coaching of leaders and artists in areas of authentic performance, storytelling and communication. He and his team have brought artistic direction to multiple The Alliance in Canada's National Assemblies, Hear the Music Ministries' Levite Summit events, as well as numerous Canadian events. Jason has overseen the development and production of many films and a multi-cast radio play. His film THE PRODIGAL TRILOGY has won multiple awards around the globe. His film BREATHE... was developed in partnership with The Salvation Army in Canada, Bermuda and Australia. Through the craft of Spirit-led performance and communication, Jason is passionate about “drawing out the gold” in individuals and groups. He is excited to see them step into the fullness of who they are created to be and significantly impact the world in their care. Jason lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and four children.

Director of Creative Operations

Krystle Moilliet

Krystle has a deep love for the local church and is energized though seeing artistic communities thrive. She earned a diploma in Theatre Production from Humber College, has run a theatre company in Clearwater, BC, and managed numerous concerts and music festivals. She also has significant experience producing and teaching theatre and encouraging faith-based artists. Krystle joined the JHCA team in 2013, bringing her organizational expertise and a passion for the creative arts. She currently oversees day-to-day operations. Krystle also gives insight and support to ongoing projects. Krystle resides in Kamloops, BC with her husband and children.

Director of Creative Media

Wayne Deering

A master audio engineer and touring media artist, Wayne has worked alongside JHCA in various technical and creative capacities for over a decade. With a Master's in Music (Sound Recording) from McGill University, and a pastoral heart, Wayne loves to equip and empower technical teams to fulfill their visions and mandates. A skilled musician himself, Wayne regularly provides media workshops and consultation on all things audio-visual in a wide variety of venues alongside working in his technical roles. Wayne resides in Toronto with his family.


Don Tjart

Don has a wide range of experience in creative arts management. He’s been involved in film production and music performance in the church context for a number of years. Don also has experience on stage and in front of the camera through various commercials and independent films. Don is excited to join the growing JHCA team.

Social Media

Amanda Moilliet

With an eye for detail and great design, Amanda enjoys putting ideas together and turning them into an interesting and clearly communicated social media presence. Amanda has experience running her own and other small businesses social media platforms and loves to see them thrive. With a Psychology degree, and a certificate to teach English abroad, Amanda has had the opportunity to travel and teach while meeting many interesting people from around the world. She has a passion for telling people’s stories through lifestyle and wedding photography, designing and planning projects, and having strong community and friendships. Amanda resides on Vancouver Island with her husband and three children.

Our Story  

Jason Hildebrand Creative Arts was formed close to 25 years ago out of a deep desire to create and perform authentic hope-filled, Spirit-infused stories.

As a teenager, Jason was drawn to authentic heart-wide-open performers – those who called their audience into transformation. Add to this innovation and excellence and you have the building blocks of JHCA. All that was needed was bedrock to build on…

This came in the form of an encounter with the Spirit of the Creator in his late teens. For the first time, he clearly heard the Spirit’s voice and began a dialogue that continues to this day. In fact, a hallmark of JHCA is to learn and call others to the slow craft of hearing their own voice, the voices of those in their communities, and the voice of the Creator.

As the years have unfolded, Jason Hildebrand Creative Arts has become a creative engine immersed in relationship with God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. On this foundation, we craft, perform and empower transformative stories which seek to inspire people and communities to thrive as the best version of themselves.

Our productions have been experienced by hundreds of thousands of people for close to 25 years. Our influence has grown beyond only Theatre to include Film, Corporate and Faith-Based Communication Coaching, Artistic Direction for conferences and events, and mentoring artists and faith leaders.

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