What is House of David?

Twenty-five years ago, Jason set out to share the story of King David, and out of that, Life of David was born. The House of David project takes the stage play and expands on it through three major elements.

Psalms Microfilms uses the ancient text from the Psalms and brings them into new personal stories. Over the course of three cycles of seven films, each solo actor brings their personal story to the text in a location that brings meaning to them. Each location is a place where the actor feels they can express their emotions and connect with the Eternal. Cycle One was released in the spring of 2022 and can be viewed here. Currently, we're in pre-production for Cycle Two, auditioning actors and fundraising for filming.

David Chronicles takes the original stage script, which still tours to this day, and brings it to the medium of film. Looking at the life of King David from the perspective of reflecting on his life, this film will broaden the reach of this ancient story for a new audience. Currently, this production is slated to film in Scotland summer of 2023 with release in 2024. We are now building the team to complete this project. 

The David Chronicles Experience takes the viewer from just watching the film into a communal experience with their friends or community. The DC Experience will create a warm, intimate place to explore the deeper themes of David's life and how they impact our lives. Currently, this part of the project is in its creative exploration phase. We're excited to discover how best to bring the experience of the film to communities.

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