Mike Janzen is one of Canada’s leading jazz pianists. Over the last 17 years, Mike has focused on composing, improvising and playing jazz. He has studied with Hilario Duran, Jim McNeely, Chan Ka Nin, Christos Hatzis, David Braid, and Wayne Bowman.
He has worked and recorded with Phil Dwyer, Kevin Breit, George Koller, Hugh Marsh, Daniel Lanois, Steve Bell, Ben Riley, Davide DiRenzo, Larnell Lewis, Mark Rogers, Andrew Downing, Frank Botos, Anthony Michelli, Pat Collins, Lori Anna Reid, Julie Michels, Jenni Burke and Jacob Moon.
The Mike Janzen Trio is highlighted on the new World Jazz for Haiti CD (featuring Holly Cole, Laila Biali) with the song, “There’s No Escaping Spring This Year.”
Mike recently performed in Winnipeg, Canada, to rave reviews, with his jazz trio and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, his own original score of broadway classics entitled, REIMAGINING BROADWAY.
Mike composed and recorded the score for Jason Hildebrand's award-winning film THE PRODIGAL TRILOGY as well as co-creating and performing BREATHE with Jason.
He is currently working on a new project called “Nudging Forever” which combines string orchestra and jazz improvisation. mikejanzen.ca