Actor.Creative Catalyst

Part storyteller, part creative catalyst—Jason works as an actor, producer, filmmaker and communication coach. For the past 19 years Jason has partnered with film and theatre companies, organizations and educational institutions as an artist/coach around the world.
Jason is most recognized for his acclaimed solo performances: SEARCHING FOR ABRAHAM, THE PRODIGAL TRILOGY, LIFE OF DAVID, BLUE LIKE JAZZ // LIVE and KINGDOM OF HEROD. He also tours with two-man plays – FISH EYES and BREATHE featuring the music of Mike Janzen.
He has developed and produced three films–the multi-award-winning film THE PRODIGAL TRILOGYs, and cinematic adaptations of his multi-media solo performance BLUE LIKE JAZZ // LIVE and BREATHE (studio version) with world renown jazz pianist Mike Janzen.
He has two projects in development - BREATHE FILM PROJECT, an episodic feature-film based on stories from the play BREATHE. And, LIFE OF DAVID FILM PROJECT to be released as part of our 20th year celebration in 2017.
Jason also coaches executives and leaders on a regular basis on the art of communication.
Through his craft, Jason is passionate about seeing both individuals and groups become the best version of themselves. Jason lives in downtown Toronto, Canada with his wife and four children.